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SSA Benefits 


Attached is the Social Security Administration (SSA) online logo for your computer person to place the logo with our direct link on each of the library’s desktops.  As we discussed yesterday, it would make it so much easier for patrons to connect to our website and online services. In addition, your patrons can be certain that they are linking to our official site. If you need more information about how to place these links on your computers please let me know.


I am also confirming that I will be doing the “Apply online, It’s so easy” seminar on Tuesday, August 24th from 6:30-7:30pm.


Once I get the flyers for the event and the Patty Duke Easel Poster I will bring over to the library. 


Again, thank you for your time and cooperation in helping us to make the public more aware about our programs and services.





Belinda Douglas
Acting Public Affairs Specialist

National Leadership Associate

Social Security Administration
Altoona, PA

1-866-605-4804 ext. 10822
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